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Company summary

Julmat is your liaison for funding, capital growth and business advice in the Brainport region. Having over 30 years of experience in Funding, Assurance, entrepreneurial activities and acting on CFO level, we make the matching connections. We do this ourselves, but also in cooperation with experts in the field such as Nxchange, WVDB and other specialists in the Brainport region.

We are your sparring partner in structuring your need for funding or capital, including the required reporting. And maybe most important: we communicate with your potential funding partner as a team.

We are most acquainted with (international) mid-sized companies, mainly active in the tech, food&retail and commodity sector.

Via our platform structure we enable you to find the best solution in the most efficient and effective way.

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Torenallee 20
5617BC, Eindhoven, Netherlands




+31 (0)6 206 18974