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Company summary

YellowFinance is an independent consultancy company. Founded in 2015 and focused on offering strategic and operational financial advisory. We are looking for connection between strategy, operation and finance and are helpful to be one of your trusted partners in realising your growth ambitions.

We are a team of enthusiastic highly educated professionals (mostly with Postgraduate Accountancy) with broad experience and knowledge in:

  • Different sectors
  • Optimise and improvement of financial function
  • Mergers and acquisitions processes
  • Funding and issuing of financial instruments

Additionally, YellowFinance acts as Nominated Advisor to advise and support your company in the process of issuing of financial instruments. At YellowFinance we have advised several companies in accomplishing their buying and funding strategy by offering financial insight into the quality of the historical and future results and assess the feasibility of business plans. With a well-founded business plan or information memorandum you create a base for a successful process.

We could also support you in taking care of the documents and the work required to establish the Nxchange listing.


General info


Orteliuslaan 855
3528BE , Utrecht, Netherlands



+31 (0)30 890 5447